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Giuseppe Leone



Giuseppe Leone lives and works in his hometown Ragusa. He debuted by illustrating “La civiltà del legno in Sicilia” (The civiliziation of wood in Sicily) (Cavallotto, 1972) by Antonino Uccello. Since then his photos have been adopted by some of the most prestigious publishers.
Some of Leone’s most know works are:
- “La Contea di Modica” (Electa, 1973) including a text by Leonardo Sciascia;
- “La pietra vissuta” (Sellerio, 1978) with a text by Rosario Assunto and Mario Giorgianni;
- “L’isola Nuda” (Bompiani 1988) with Gesualdo Bufalino’s texts;
- “Il Barocco in Sicilia” and “Sicilia teatro del Mondo” (Bompiani 1991) with the written comment of Vincenzo Consolo;
- “L’isola dei Siciliani” (Peliti Associati, 1995) with the writing of Diego Mormorio.
He currently exhibits in various shows around the world.

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