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BLANQA™ has formed a family of producers and, as a result, a family of products. It is our mission to represent the various cultural and gastronomical identities of this island. To us, there’s not just one Sicily but a hundred Sicilies. Each product mirrors a territory: the wines of Marsala; the pistachios of Raffadali, Favara and San Cataldo; the almonds of Agrigento, Mazzarino, Noto and Avola. The olives and olive oil from the Valley of Belice and the high plains of Ibleo—and many more of Nature’s ingredients. Then there are the sweets of Ragusa and Etna: a craftsmanship dedicated to the cult of raw ingredients and to artisanal techniques, which, in today’s world, are extremely rare. Our catalog of products offers a glimpse of the rich raw material the island contains, as well as what the talent of artisans can achieve with it. This tells a story, in which you can see the beauty, smell the aromas, taste the glories of this unique place. We hope these strong sensations leave you pleasantly surprised, intrigued, wanting more. This is Sicily; this is BLANQA™.



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